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  • Varnish Bath  infused w/ D-panthenol, flax seed, & Vitamin E
  • Gently cleanses, restores, moisturizes, and leaves extraordinary shine on all hair types
  • Antioxidant action promotes natural life and movement to hair
  •  an effective treatment to condition dry and damaged hair.  Intense shine from scalp to ends. Protects hair color and seals the cuticle layer. Offers benefits such as:

    • Shiny hair
    • Bouncy hair
    • Silky hair
    • Hair protection

    1. Wash hair with shampoo to remove impurities.
    2. Using a spatula place a generous amount of the product in a container.
    3. With a brush apply the Varnish Bath from the scalp to the ends until all the hair is covered in the mask.
    4. Leave on between 5 to 10 minutes.
    5. Rinse to remove all product.
    6. Style as desired.

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