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Felps Omega Zero Black Nanoplastia Thermal Sealing offers couple choice of the capillary treatment like volume reduction, hair alignment and 100% straight.  Also give the shine, softer with a beautiful movement and a natural hair look. 

Health assurance to who applies and who uses it. For all types of hair. 



Capillary Nanoplastia was created to reorganize the hair structure. I The products work insede of the hair sealing the cuticles, restoring the natural lipids of the hair and leaving them more hydrated, softer and with an intense shine. This technique acts in the intense pH level control, avoiding alkalinity in the hair and vitamins and nutrients loss. It also eliminates porosity and reduces dryness mainly in the hair with highlights and streaks. Ideal for who wants to straighten the hair without damaging it.

Active: Tanino Acid, Tannins are polyphenols of Vegetal origin extracted from grapes, it is a powerful antioxidant (molecule capable of inhibiting the action of other molecules). It acts on the capillary cortex, breaking the connecting bridges from the inside out allowing the hair to be mechanically molded through heat, closing the cuticle of the hair leaving it smooth. Straitening and natural smoothing.

Mode of use: 

1-Wash the hair with Anti-Residue Shampoo

 2-Dry the hair 100% and divide the hair in 4 sections. 

3- With a brushl, apply the product a 1/4 inch away from the scalp, until to the ends.

4-Let it act for 60 to 90 minutes (on very resistant hair 90 minutes).

5-Thoroughly rinse only with water, removing completely the product off the hair.

6-Dry the hair 100% and brush the hair so that it is well aligned.

7- In small and thin sections, flat iron the hair slowing between 7 to 10 times.


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