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Omega Zero Acai Oil Smoothing Mask 


Description: Excellent for reducing volume, controlling frizz and aligning the hair. Also the product makes hair color correction of blond hair. Contains special oils that nourish and regenerate the hair damaged.



Ingredients: Water; Cetostearyl alcohol; Isopropyl Palmitate; Liquid Petrolatum; Perfume; Cetrimonium Chloride; Cetomacrogol 1000; Karite butter; Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane; Ethyl alcohol; Olive oil; Disodium Edetate; Acorus Calamus Root Extract; Cinnamon Bark Extract; Myrrh Resin Extract; Propylene glycol; Butyl-Hydroxytoluene; Citric acid; Dimethicone; Glycerol; Keratin; Macrogol; Tamarindus Indica Fruit Extract; Benzyl Salicylate; Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil; Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein; Glutamic Acid; Hydrolyzed Soy Protein; Carbocisteine; Hexyl Cinnamal; alpha-Isomethyl Ionone; Dextrolimonene; Phenoxyethanol; Cystine; Glycine; Imidazolidinylurea; Coumarin; Brazil Nut Seed Extract; Pectin; Threonine; Eugenol; Citronellol; Potassium Sorbate; Tartaric acid; Geraniol; Sodium Edetate; Serine; Sodium benzoate; Citral; Dimethylhydantoin; Magnesium chloride; Magnesium Nitrate; Methylchloroisothiazolinone AND Methylisothiazolinone; Butylene glycol; Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate.



How to use:

1-Wash the hair with Anti-Residue Shampoo. Repeat if necessary.

2-Remove excess water from the hair with a towel and dry the hair 80%.

3-Divide the hair In 4 sections and apply a 1/4 way from the scalp from the root to the ends. Leave to act from 20 to 40 minutes.

4- Thoroughly rinse only with water removing completely the product off the hair and dry 100%

5- In small and thin sections, flat iron the hair slowing between 7 to 10 times.

6-Finish as you wish.


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