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Description: Treatment without rinsing, finisher 9 in 1 for any occasion.


Indication: For any type of hair. It’s very helpful styling the hair.


Expected Result: Shielded and protected the hair against external agents, sun, sea, pool, wind, pollution also protect when using blow dryer and flat iron on high temperatures that the hair is subjected.


Active: PROPYLENE GLYCOL humectant action, promotes deep hydration.

CREATINA is one of the proteins that forms hair, the set of amino acids recovers the hair fiber forms a protective barrier against external agents restores the hair fiber and leaves the strands more resistant recovering the internal mass avoiding breakage, fall and dryness.   

Lactic Acid regulates the PH of the hair leaving them more aligned and without frizz.


Available: 8.45FL.OZ


Profitability: 50 applications.


Mode of use:

 1- Wash or moisturize the hair and apply the Uniq Cream on the hair and finish as you wish.


2- On the beach or in the pool, apply a generous amount of Uniq Cream to the strands every time you get out of the water, so the hair is protected from UV rays and hydrated as well.


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